How to beat the casino

A bad player is someone who doesn’t dream of beating an online casino. But is it possible to win by relying on calculation, and not on blind luck?

A simple Google search shows that millions of people are looking for ways to win at online casinos every day using various clever strategies.

There are a great many such strategies offered. Some particularly enterprising friends even sell them for money, as well as write books and conduct various seminars, webinars and trainings.

Any experienced gambler, let alone the casino staff, will tell you that all this is nonsense.

Strategies don’t work. And they can’t work in principle, because most often they assume that the player is able to ” anticipate ” the behavior of the slot machine.

And this is basically impossible, since automata use a computer program called a random number generator. Each subsequent spin in this slot machine has nothing to do with the previous one.

With each spin, the generator generates a new batch of random numbers that determine exactly how the reels will stop.

Each spin of the reels of the slot gold wolf is an absolutely independent event. Watching the slot machines is useless, as the previous spins have nothing to do with the future ones.

However, many gullible players prefer to Google all sorts of strategies that promise them chances to “figure out” how the machines work and predict the victory.

Some of these strategies have become particularly popular and have become very widespread on the Web. Even though they don’t work. Just like all other ways to outsmart the casino.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at five of the most popular strategies. If you find any mention of them somewhere, feel free to pass them by.

How to beat slot machines-Popular strategies

Most of these strategies do not stand up to criticism from the point of view of common sense in the first approximation. Some of them don’t seem stupid at first, but they don’t work in practice.

Search for a template in slot machines

The idea is to observe the results of spins for a long time and find a certain pattern of behavior of the slot machine.

Most often, those who believe in this strategy look for a certain pattern or “zigzag” in the form of symbols that the slot gives out. It is believed that when the machine is “preparing” to give out a big win, it begins to give some signs in the form of such “zigzags”.

This is complete nonsense.

As mentioned above, each spin of the slot machine is a completely independent event. And the parameters of this event are determined by the random number generator.

Money Management System

Another popular strategy involves not spying on slots, but controlling cash costs.

Proponents of this concept suggest setting goals for winning and limiting the cost of losing.

This strategy is based on the very dubious (if not absolutely delusional) idea that slot machines are gradually coming to a big win.

That is, in essence, the same misconception is being exploited here as in the previous paragraph.

Players expect the slot machines to gradually “warm up” before giving out a big win. And according to this second strategy, at this point you need to spend money on new bets.

If the machine is “cold”, that is, there are no signs of an upcoming large disbursement of money, so you need to limit your bids.

A popular strategy of this kind is associated with the number 60%.

You determine your game budget. And then you must exit the game if you lose or win 60% of this budget. There is another condition in this system. If you don’t win anything after 10 consecutive spins, you are out of the game.

Play and run

This is a very popular strategy on various forums. Its essence boils down to the fact that for each slot you need to spend no more than a certain short period of time.

For example, you should spend no more than 5 or 10 minutes on each slot machine.

Some people suggest that you divide your entire planned gaming budget into parts that will allow you to play for 5 or 10 minutes at each slot machine.

Regardless of whether you won something or not, after the specified amount of time you must change the slot machine.

What justifies this strategy is not clear at all. Given that the random number generators inside slot machines do not work on a schedule, it is not possible to achieve any effect using this strategy.

Can I beat slot machines?

Try to relax and enjoy the game. Place bets that are commensurate with the budget that you can really afford. And if you are lucky, you can win. There is no other successful strategy for playing slot machines.